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Stop sediment and other pollutants from entering stormwater drains.


The Ultra-Filter Sock represents the ultimate in above-drain stormwater protection. With the different filter media options available, our filter sock is capable of removing many different types of sediments and pollutants. In fact, it is the only product with this versatility. The 9-foot-long filter socks are placed in front of storm drains. The woven geotextile material allows stormwater to flow through into the storm drain while the media inside of the filter sock removes pollutants.

Ultra-Filter Sock

SKU: 9453
    • Use the Ultra-Filter Sock front of storm drains, around downspouts, in gullies and ditches, or anywhere there is potential for harmful stormwater runoff.
    • Woven polymer casing allows water to pass through quickly while filtration media inside removes pollutants.
    • High UV rating allows extended life in sun and elements.
    • Available in 9-foot lengths. Units can be overlapped for longer coverage.
    • Looped ends allow units to be staked in place and also assist in transport.
    • Available with different types of media depending on which pollutant is present. (Multiple Ultra-Filter Socks can be used in a “treatment train” if the potential for more than one contaminant or a large quantity of a single contaminant is present).
    • Option for heavy-metal removal available.
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