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About Us

Frank Ring

Green Scrap Technology was started by CJF Associates, LLC to provide easy access to supplies often used to address environmental issues in scrap metal yards.   Scrap yards utilize supplies and equipment that are used in general industrial operations, agricultural operations, HVAC operations, etc.  It is often difficult to find the proper environmental supplies for use in a scrap yard, and even harder to find a supplier that knows the rigorous needs of the scrap metal industry and can recommend or provide the proper equipment.  Green Scrap Technology personnel are available to answer questions regarding the environmental supplies available on this web page, and have meaningful experience in scrap yard operations that allow them to understand the needs and requirements of the scrap yard industry.

CJF Associates, LLC personnel have been recommending environmental supplies to the scrap metal industry for over 25 years.    Through trial and error, we have come up with supplies that can help to address environmental issues that have or may occur at scrap yards.  CJF associates is still working and recommending supplies for scrap yards and new products will be added to the Green Scrap Technology web page as they are identified.

Key personnel with CJF Associates, LLC that will also be working with Green Scrap Technology include Frank and Charles Ring.  Frank has over 30 years of engineering experience and 25 years of experience with scrap metal yards and has visited more than 300 scrap metal yards.  Frank handles negotiations and communications with regulatory agencies as well as environmental issues related to operations within the scrap yard.  Frank has a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin and is a Professional Engineer registered in the state of Michigan.
Charles Ring has over 10 years of experience with scrap metal yards and has visited numerous scrap yards across the Midwest and southern United States.  Charles focuses on environmental issues that are more related to scrap yard operations such as stormwater management, automobile shredder residue sampling and characterization, soil and groundwater sampling techniques, etc.  Charles has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan.

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