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CJF Associates Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineering, Management and Consulting

CJF has been providing environmental engineering and consulting services to scrap metal yards for over 25 years.  Our clients include some of the largest scrap metal companies in North America; OmniSource, Alter Trading, Sims Metal Management, Ferrous Processing & Trading, as well as numerous smaller and equally important regional scrap metal companies located across the midwestern and southern United States.  CJF personnel have conducted environmental projects at over  300 scrap metal yards across the United States and Canada, providing environmental engineering and/or consulting solutions tailored to the individual companies we are serving.

CJF personnel have extensive experience with environmental issues at scrap metal yards, including:

  • Property acquisition assistance through implementation of Phase I and II ESAs, environmental liability estimating, soil and groundwater sampling, etc.

  • Assistance with stormwater permitting, addressing discharge violations, assisting with filtration system design and implementation, etc.

  • Assistance with air emissions permitting as related to automobile shredders, torching operations, refrigerant recovery - from automobiles and appliance de-manufacturing, and other miscellaneous scrap operations.

  • Assistance with waste sampling and characterization including Automobile Shredder Residue characterization for disposal in accordance with TSCA and for use as daily cover in accordance with individual state regulations.

  • Assistance with PCB and TSCA issues as well as other potential issues with other contaminants.

  • Assistance with communicating and addressing US EPA and state regulatory agencies on behalf of an individual scrap metal yard.

  • CJF works as an advocate on behalf of the scrap metal yard we are representing, assisting with meeting the requirements imposed by regulatory agencies.

For questions specifically related to the above services, please contact Mr. Frank Ring at: or call 313.999.4071

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