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Keeps floors free of spills.


Spill containment doesn’t have to take up a lot of floor space. The Ultra-Drum Tray is designed for one of two things: spill containment for smaller containers (20 gallons or smaller) or a “good housekeeping” and safety measure for 55-gallon drums.


The 21.1-gallon capacity is not enough to meet the EPA or SPCC spill containment regulations for 55-gallon drums, but it is perfect for capturing those nuisance drips and spill that can occur in day-to-day operations. The optional grating keeps containers elevated above any spills.


Use With:

Ultra-Universal Dolly - SKU# 0417 

Ultra-Drum Tray

SKU: 1045
    • Keeps floors free of spills - designed to collect and contain drips and overflows associated with filling of 55 and 30-gallon drums.
    • Optional bottom grate elevates drums 2 5/8" and out of spilled liquid.
    • All-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.
    • Optional dolly (Part# 0417) available for easier transport/mobility.
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