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Thanks to its natural ion exchange properties, zeolite is a suitable product for the purification of water in a natural and ecological way, being able to retain particles of up to 5 microns. It allows the absorption of heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, iron and zinc) and cations (such as ammonia).

These characteristics make it a suitable product for purification of industrial waters or purification of waste and/or stormwater. Zeolites are not as effective at removing certain contaminants, such as some pesticides and volatile organic compounds.


Zeolite can be used alone as a filter media but can also be added to Perlite at 5 to 50% depending on desired results.


We recommend 2 Burlap bags, 2 Polypropyl bags or 5 Durabags per 4 CU FT mixture of perlite and zeolite.


For Use With:

Dura-Bags SJU# SB-202

Polypropyl Bags SKU# MESH-1832R

Burlap Bags SKU# CS-201

Zeolite - Mesh Size: 4-6 (40 pound bag)

SKU: IO-207
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