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Unique design combines material handling capabilities with spill control.


The Ultra-Spill King combines the best of spill containment with the best of material handling. The four-drum spill containment pallet simplifies drum handling and containment by combining a forkliftable top pallet with a forkliftable bottom sump. Unlike other spill containment pallets and decks, the spill king uses a top grate that is 4-way forkliftable so if drums need to be moved but the sump (also 4-way forkliftable) needs to remain in place, it is quickly and easily done. Recessed drum rings molded into the top grate keeps drums from moving or shifting while they are being moved. And a large eight-five (85) gallon containment sump exceeds EPA and SPCC requirements for storage of 55-gallon drums.

Ultra-Spill King With Drum Pallet

SKU: 801
    • Ultra-Spill King features a removable deck with 4-way forklift access. Combined with its 85-gallon containment sump, drum handling and storage have never been safer.
    • Rugged polyethylene (LLDPE) construction features a 6,500-pound static load capacity.
    • Place spill king basins in strategic areas - drums can be easily rotated and replaced with the forkliftable deck.
    • Safely double-stack drums to optimize valuable floor space. Note: Only fifty-five (55) gallon steel drums of equal height are permitted on the lower level. Polyethylene drums may only be placed on the upper level.
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