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Capture leakage of fluid from construction equipment, vehicles and other machinery to prevent environmental damage and fines A must-have for every towing, construction, and mining company to prevent environmental damage and potential fines due to leaks and spills. Contains oils, fuels, and anti-freeze. Protect the environment; protect your business. Add the Ultra-Spill Diaper to your on-site spill kit or keep it nearby in the vehicle's cab.

Ultra-Spill Diaper

SKU: 275
  • Flexible and adjustable bungee cord/hook attaching system works on almost any vehicle. Three-layer absorbent material; top layer is a general absorption allowing anti-freeze and acids to be absorbed, the middle layer being a thick oil-only material to absorb oil, gas, diesel and all hydrocarbons, bottom layer is a 4 Mil plastic barrier to keep any fluids from leaching through. Quick and easy installation - simply attach hooks to secure points on vehicle/equipment for proper placement under leaks or drips. Folded, compact design stores easily in truck cabs, spill kits or other areas for quick deployment when needed. Helps meet state Litter Control Acts as well as EPA Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulation.
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