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Extra rugged spill decks provide containment for heavy equipment, machinery, and batteries
In many instances, our standard spill decks and spill deck bladder systems can handle the weight of the drums or containers loaded on top of them.  For example, a 55-gallon drum of hydraulic oil weighs approximately 425 lbs. and the 1-drum spill deck is rated for 1,500 lbs.
But for those occasions where extra weight capacity is needed, the Ultra-Spill Deck Plus Models are an excellent option.  These units are rated at 10,000 lbs. per square foot!
They still function like other spill decks by connecting via bulkhead fittings and sharing spill containment capacities but have the added features of a slightly lower profile (4.25?) and the significantly higher weight capacity.

Ultra-Spill Deck Plus P4

SKU: 2223
  • Low, 4.25 inch height makes drum handling easier and less strenuous. High performance - rated for loads up to 10,000 lbs. per square foot. 2 and 4-drum spill deck modules can be connected together with bulkhead fittings to increase overall sump capacity. A virtually unlimited number of configurations are available. Grating Surface 52 x 26 (1320.8 x 660.4)
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