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Low profile, "in line" designs save valuable floor space and comply with spill containment regulations

55-gallon drums are big and bulky. That’s why they often get lined up along a factory or warehouse wall—to keep them out of the way until they are needed. So it only makes sense to create spill containment that can accommodate that sort of set up.

The Ultra-Inline Spill Decks do just that. Using 2-drum Ultra-Spill Decks and connecting them with bulkhead fittings and bladder attachments, we can provide spill containment that “hugs the walls” and stays out of the way.

And because of the connection of multiple decks, and the additional containment capacity of the 66-gallon bladders, all of the systems meet the EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations.

Ultra-Inline Spill Deck Drum Model

SKU: 2360
    • Available in 3-drum, 4-drum, 5-drum and 6-drum configurations.
    • Narrow 25 7/8" depth allows drums to be stored in a single row along facility walls—minimizes space requirements.
    • Pre-drilled and can be quickly assembled without tools. The bulkhead fittings "lock" connected modules together and allow spills to flow from one spill deck module to the next.
    • Low profile design reduces safety and handling concerns found with taller spill containment pallets.
    • Additional spill deck modules can be easily connected to an existing Inline configuration - allows more drums to be added to your spill containment area as storage needs grow.
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