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pH test kit includes

1 pH meter

3  - 16 oz glass jars with lids

15 packest of pH buffer solution powder. 5 each pH 4.01, 6.86, 9.18



pH Test Kit

    • Application: Ideal for stormwater generated at a scrapyard.
    • Easy Calibration: Advanced technology makes the test result fast and accurate; LCD screen makes reading clearly
    • Features: Pocket size, lightweight, backlit function, high quality
    • ATC Function: With Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), adjust to water temperature and give pH reading almost instantly
    • What You Get: VIVOSUN pH meter, user manual, 2 x 1.5V button cells (built in), 3 x pH buffer powders
    • Easy To Use: Mix the buffer powder with 250ML distilled water, put the pH meter in the solution and gently stir and wait a few seconds for the result.
    • Accuracy: The accuracy of the pH buffer calibration solution powder is within ± 0.01 pH units at 25 ° C and can maintain long-term stability.
    • Workas With Any PH Meter: This buffer powder will work with any electronic pH Meter. Ideal for Calibrating.
    • Stays Fresh: Individually wrapped to maintain freshness until use.Produced with premium quality material under strict conditions, pre-measured.
    • Widely used: 15 pack ph calibration packets: 5*ph 4.01 buffer powder, 5*ph 6.86 buffer powder, 5*ph 9.18 buffer powder. Testing the pH balance of stormwater generated at a scrapyard.
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