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A natural granular filter material for sediment.


The physical character of perlite lends itself to a variety of special purposes—including various applications in the broad category of water quality management.


Due to its high surface area, neutral pH and irregular, porous surface texture, expanded perlite is ideally suited for a variety of applications in storm water filtration; most notably as a component in media filter drain mixes, and another as an element of catch basin filter media.


Green Scrap Technology recommends 2 Burlap bags, 2 Polypropyl bags or 5 Durabags per 4 CU FT of Perlite


For Use With:

Dura-Bags SKU# SB-202

Polypropyl Bags SKU# MESH-1832R

Burlap Bags SKU# CS-201

Perlite 4 CU FT Bag

SKU: PVP-105408
    • Perlite is actually a form of rock. This lightweight material is made by heating volcanic glass until it pops like popcorn, expanding up to 16 times its original size. The resulting “popped” perlite kernel is a white, porous material that holds air and water.
    • Perlite and Vermiculite they both can absorb and adsorb a lot of water and because they can also improve drainage capabilities even when holding water, they both have been used when it is desirable to hold back water and give it time to more naturally drain away or be filtered. And because vermiculite has some interesting cation exchange capabilities, it has been used when heavy metals may be polluting storm water and need to be removed before the water is discharge into streams or rivers. For instance, there have been several designs for large parking lots and highways where the storm water is channeled through vermiculite to collect some of these pollutants.
    • In other landscaping/storm water designs, perlite has been added to the soil in "bio-filters" and special retention ponds to both absorb excess water and increase drainage into the natural aquifer.
    • In still other applications, perlite and vermiculite have been used as filtration media in commercial storm water filtration systems. In these units, the filters and filtration media have to be recharged, cleaned, or replaced from time to time---but still some of the filtration properties of perlite and vermiculite have been used.
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