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Twenty foot containment pans provide large targets for resin spills.


Large, 20-foot pans capture plastic pellets, preventing them from getting into the environment. The built-in drains are designed to allow water to flow out but keep pellets contained. The composite system can be built and designed to almost any length, depending on each site's needs. Easy installation with minimal site preparation and no excavation required.


IMPORTANT: The Ultra-Pellet Pan will not contain liquids of any kind!

Ultra-Pellet Pan - Composite Track Pan

SKU: 7246
    • Constructed with high strength, nonporous, corrosion resistant fiberglass for years of reliable service.
    • Low profile: 20" long x 4 7/8" high. Pandrol compatible. Rail side gasket sealing system prevents spills from leaking between pans and rails.
    • Easy installation - minimal site preparation (no excavation) required. Optional polyethylene (LLDPE) grating package available for safer foot traffic.
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