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Protect Drains and Inlets WITHOUT Lifting Any Grates.


If speed of installation and convenience top the list of features you are looking for in a stormwater product, then the Ultra-Inlet Guard should be a serious consideration. Heavy-duty geotextile material effectively removes oil and sediment from rainfall. And strong, rare earth magnets sewn into each corner make installation quick and easy.

Ultra-Inlet Guard Plus - Grate Only - With Overflow Port - Sediment Model

SKU: 9160
    • Keeps dirt, sand, sediment, trash, and debris out of drains.
    • Quick and easy installation using built-in magnets — no more lifting of heavy catch basin grates.
    • Available in several sizes for street drains, combination drains, and trench drains. Custom sizes also available.
    • Heavy-duty, material (non-woven, polypropylene geotextile) allows up to 92 gal/ft2/min. through drains.
    • Low-profile design can be driven over and is unobtrusive to traffic and personnel.
    • Geotextile material helps remove oil and other hydrocarbons from stormwater flow.
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