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Dual containment system provides outstanding protection for IBCs
Combining the functionality of a rugged polyethylene (LLDPE) spill pallet with the containment capacity of a spill berm, the Ultra-IBC Spill Berm is a great economical alternative to traditional IBC spill pallets. With an 85-gallon inner pallet and 400-gallon outer berm, this system is designed to handle catastrophic spills that traditional IBC spill pallets cannot. Set up takes minutes and requires no tools or forklifts.

Ultra-IBC Berm

SKU: 816
    • Inner spill pallet contains smaller spills (up to 85 gallons) and elevates intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), tanks and totes for easy dispensing.
    • Outer berm captures catastrophic spills or projectile leaks (up to 400 gallons).
    • System can be quickly and easily set up without forklifts or other handling equipment or tools.
    • IBCs can be loaded/unloaded without breaking down berm sidewalls.
    • Economical alternative to IBC spill pallets.
    • Polyethylene (pallet) and 22 oz. PVC (berm) construction stands up to rigors found onsite.
    • Provides excellent chemical compatibility.
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