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Convenient and effective means to obtain samples of the post-treatment effluent from the Ultra-HydroKleen to comply with monitoring and testing requirements.


  • Sampling option provides standard Ultra-HydroKleen with modifications to allow “post-treatment” water samples to be taken from below the unit’s filters.
  • Take real-time samples during storm events.
  • Access area stays closed until a sample is desired.
  • Port can also be used for visual inspection of catch basin without removing the unit.
  • Simple sampling — no need to remove the Ultra-HydroKleen to take a sample (in many cases, even the grate can remain in place).


For use with:  

HydroKleen - Flat Frame 

HydroKleen - Recessed Frame 

Ultra-HydroKleen - Sampling option

SKU: 9876
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