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Safely store multiple drums outdoors.


So you’ve got a lot of drums that need outdoor spill containment? You could buy a bunch of our Ultra-Hard Top P4s. We’d be more than happy to sell them to you. But if you won’t have a need for multiple locations and all of your drums will be stored in the same location, then the Ultra-Hard Top Plus Models could be the perfect fit for you. These units provide one large, covered, spill containment storage area for as many drums as you have space for. We have part numbers for systems up to 20 drums but you can use the extender kits to make them as large as you need.


Use With:

Ultra-Hard Top Plus Extender Kit - SKU# 9658

Ramp, Polyethylene with 21" Steel PlateSKU# 676

Ultra-Hard Top P20 Plus

SKU: 9656
    • Extender kits are available to expand capacity beyond 20-drums.
    • All-polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance, will not rust or corrode.
    • UV inhibitor in polyethylene (LLDPE) resin resists degrading effects of sunlight, adding years to outdoor service life.
    • Low profile (8 3/4") containment pallet positions drum-tops at a safe, convenient level to pour wastes into funnels or to use drum pumps.
    • Roll-top covers can be easily lifted from waist height to access drum tops.
    • Rugged, 9000 lb. uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity allows safe storage of IBC tanks as well as drums.
    • Multiple 4-drum compartments offer flexible usage for a broad range of operations including storage of virgin chemicals, active hazardous waste collection, and storage of spill response supplies. Internal walls and separate sumps allow materials to be segregated.
    • Separate, lockable compartments feature a unique 2-way entry system allows quick access to all four (4) drums.
    • Swing-out doors provide safety and convenience for loading / unloading drums.
    • Use optional ramp (SKU #0676) for easier drum handling - stores inside hard top when not in use.
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