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Capture oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons while allowing clean rainwater to flow through.


The Ultra-Filter Pad is a lightweight, portable solution designed to capture oil, fuel, grease, and other hydrocarbons before they can be washed away into soil, storm drains, or other environmentally sensitive areas. Its replaceable liner, made of our own oil-absorbent material called Ultra-Filter-Tex, is capable of absorbing an average of 13 times its own weight in oil while allowing large volumes of water to pass through. The Ultra-Filter Pad is ideal for storing equipment such as generators, chainsaws, and landscaping gear, or it can be used as a servicing or maintenance area out in the field. Once the Ultra-Filter Pad's liner is saturated or as a routine maintenance practice, it can be replaced quickly and easily with a new one using quick-release locking fasteners in each corner. Filter Pad, 30" x 24"

Ultra-Filter Pad

SKU: 6540
    • Use Ultra-Filter Pads on construction sites, oil fields and other areas where spill containment is needed but shelters or structures are not available.
    • Polyethylene and PVC construction is lightweight but durable - folds for quick and easy storage or transport.
    • Replaceable Ultra-Filter-Tex liners quickly capture oil, grease and fuel leaks and spills. Allow clean water to pass through while filtering out any hydrocarbons.
    • Two-inch, foam sidewalls provide structure and help contain stormwater during periods of quick or large amounts of rainfall - ensures Ultra-Filter-Tex has ample filtering time.
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