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Ultra-Drain Seal Plus protects drains and can be left outside long-term.


The Ultra-Drain Seal Plus is a long-term solution for storm drain protection. Its multi-layered design is better suited for extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and can be left in place for longer periods of time.

Ultra-Drain Seal - Plus Models (Square)

SKU: 2166
    • Urethane bottom layer (same as Ultra-Drain Seal) keeps spills from entering drains. Flexible, non-absorbing bottom layer material is reinforced with tear-resistant mesh.
    • Rugged, reinforced polyethylene top layer (yellow) provides protection from extended UV exposure.
    • Excellent for use in parking areas, loading docks and other areas where drains may need longer-term spill protection.
    • Helps comply with SPCC and NPDES.
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