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Transparent drain protection allows responders to see spills are being stopped.


A spill response drain cover is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop a spill. But how can a responder know for sure that it's working? Cracks in concrete and dents in grating can offer a path of least resistance to spilled liquids. An opaque spill response drain cover will not allow a visual inspection of whether or not spilled liquids are finding ways around the protection. The Ultra-Drain Seal, Clear Model changes that.

Ultra-Drain-Seal, Clear Model (Round)

SKU: 2208
    • The clear material provides an unobstructed view of covered drains - enables responders to make sure a complete seal is made.
    • No more guesswork about drain sealing effectiveness - quickly see if spills are entering the drain through cracks in the surface, imperfections in the grating or other irregularities that can break the seal.
    • Reinforcing mesh is “sandwiched” between layers of polyurethane — increases durability and resistance to tearing.
    • Unique, urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains — temporarily “seals” to any smooth surface.
    • Helps comply with SPCC and NPDES.
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