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Flexible spill containment sumps fold for less expensive shipping and easy storage.


Fuel tanks are large. So it stands to reason that spill containment for them will be even larger. That’s great when your tank is leaking… not so great when you’re trying to transport or store the sump.


The Ultra-Containment Sump, Flexible Models use a very durable material braced by L-brackets to effectively contain leaks, drips, and spills. But when the sump needs to be moved or put into storage, the brackets can be easily removed and the material folded up.

Ultra-Containment Sump - Flexible Models

SKU: 2850
    • Economical and portable containment for up to 1,000 gallon tanks.
    • L-shaped aluminum brackets provide sturdy sidewall support.
    • Standard sizes fit most fuel tanks. Brackets can be removed and material folded for compact storage and easy transport.
    • Folded units and L-brackets are shipped in UPS-able boxes. (1000 Gallon - SKU# 2854 and 2855 are too large for UPS and must ship via truck (common carrier).
    • L-brackets are quickly and easily installed in heat-welded sleeves around the sump’s perimeter.
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