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The Greater the Flow... the Faster it will Go!


The MegaFlow SpeedKit-R speeds up refrigerant recovery and makes it easy to hook-up multiple simultaneous connections to any refrigerant recovery machine.


This kit features the 1/4in MegaFlow Speed-Y and eliminates the need for a restrictive manifold. The Speed-Y is designed to handle high-pressure refrigerants, such as R410a, without issue and has a large inner diameter to reduce turbulent refrigerant flow.


The SpeedKit-R also contains (4) MegaFlow Valve Core Removal Tools; (2) in 1/4in and (2) in 5/16in to ensure connection with both conventional and R410a systems. These tools, paired with the included MegaFlow 3/8in Hoses, allow you to recover liquid or vapor refrigerant and unlock the full potential of your refrigerant recovery machine.


For Use With Appion G5 Twin. 3/8" Recovery Hoses. 4 VCRTs. 1/4" Speed-Y

Appion Fast Recovery Speed Kit

    • Fast and Simple - Reduced connections, Simple setup, Fast recovery, Reduced job times
    • Works with ANY Recovery Machine - Make your existing recovery machine faster than ever
    • Designed for High Pressure - Designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A
    • Vacuum-Rated Components -  Tools that do not leak in a deep vacuum
    • Full Flow - No flow restrictions across the whole setup
    • Tool bag Included - Quickly organize and efficiently carry tools
    • Want Fast and Simple Recovery? With the MegaFlow Speed-Y and Valve Core Removal Tools, fast recovery is simpler than ever. No restrictive manifold, no tangle of hoses, and reduced connections. Learn more about Full Flow and Fast Recovery.
    • Are your Tools Rated for Vacuum and Pressure? All of the tools included in the MegaFlow SpeedKit-R are Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. This setup will give you the peace of mind that your tools aren't going to leak in a deep vacuum or during critical parts of the recovery process.

    • (1) MegaFlow 3/8in Hose - 6ft (3/8in FL to 1/4in FL) Blue
    • (1) MegaFlow 3/8in Hose - 6ft (3/8in FL to 1/4in FL) Red
    • (1) MegaFlow 3/8in Hose - 4ft (1/4in FL to 1/4in FL) Yellow
    • (1) MegaFlow 3/8in Hose - 1ft (1/4in FL to 1/4in FL - 45 degree) Blue
    • (2) MegaFlow Valve Core Removal Tool - 1/4in
    • (2) MegaFlow Valve Core Removal Tool - 5/16in
    • (1) 45˚ 1/4in MFL swivel fitting w/screen
    • (1) MegaFlow Speed-Y 1/4in
    • (1) MegaFlow SpeedKit Carry Bag
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