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Catch and trap oil drips before they can reach the ground.


Maintenance is a necessity. But sometimes a shop in which to do that maintenance isn’t available. Sometimes field repairs need to be done. But just because a shop isn’t available doesn’t mean that maintenance personnel can’t be environmentally responsible.


The multi-layered Ultra-Absorbent Tarp is designed to be easily transported and placed under vehicles and equipment. The top layers absorb oils and other hydrocarbons while the bottom layer prevents excess oil from seeping through to the ground below.

Ultra-Absorbent Tarp

SKU: 8305
  • Use under machinery and equipment to catch fluid leaks during maintenance or repairs. Rolls or folds into a small package � store in vehicles for onsite repairs. Keeps floors free of oily mess - reduces slip hazards. Three-layer system provides maximum protection: Material (top layer): UV resistant geotextile fabric - allows oils to pass through. Material (middle layer): Absorbent core - oil-only polypropylene traps oils but allows stormwater to evaporate. Material (bottom layer): Impermeable backing keeps drips from leaching through to the ground or shop floor.
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